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September 1st, 2005

08:52 pm
The Spyderco Poliwog is now available at my favorite knife shop, NewGraham.com

I am a Photobucket whore!

VG-10 blade, stainless handle, and Spyderco's still-kinda-new ball-bearing lock. One of the cutest knives of the year.

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July 29th, 2005

04:15 pm
Go Spyderco!

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February 18th, 2005

12:21 am - Navigator II

The long-awaited (well, by _me_, anyway) Navigator II.

Stainless steel handle, and minor refinements of the old Navigator pattern. Most notably, a full-flat-grind replacing the old hollow saber-grind. Looks like a winner. Now let's hope it sells [crosses fingers].

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February 17th, 2005

07:56 pm - New Fixed Blade: FB13 "Kumo"

Text from Spyderco:

Kumo is Japanse for spider and a fitting name for the new Japanse influenced fixed blade knife designed by custom maker R.J. Martin and manufactured by Spyderco. A self-professed steel junkie R.J. Martin is celebrated for integrating multiple grind-lines on the blades of his knife designs. Made from a solid 9-inch piece of VG-10 steel, the Kumo blade has two definite grinds: a swedge grind along the spine and a hollow-grind above the non-serrated cutting edge. Converging in the center of the blade the two grind lines meet creating a look that is streamlined and pleasingly tapered. Where the thumb naturally settles on the blade are a series of notches that latch onto the thumb pad adding an appreciative level of grip and cutting control.
In japanese fashion, the handle is wrapped with epoxy-saturated cord over an undercoat of pebbly black stingray skin that has a silver Spyderco bug Menuki peeking through the wrapping. The Kumo slips into a fitted black Kydex sheath mounted with a TekLok detachable polymer clip that can be situated to carry the knife in five different positions: vertical, inverted, cross-draw, small of back or horizontal position. Overall length of the Kumo is 8-5/16" (211mm) cutting edge is 3-3/4" (95mm) and it weighs 3 oz (85g).

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February 5th, 2005

09:52 am - New Custom Collaboration
Spyderco has just unveiled a new custom collaboration... With Ken Onion, famous designer of the Speedsafe mechanism and long-time custom designer for Kershaw. The knife, produced jointly by Spyderco and Kershaw, will be called the Spyker (cute). The Spyker is a manual knife that does not have the Speedsafe mechanism.

This represents the first of at least two coopperative projects between Spyderco and Kershaw. According to Spyderco founder and CEO Sal Glesser, Kershaw has licensed the Speedsafe mechanism to Spyderco for an upcoming assisted-opening Spyderco knife.

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February 1st, 2005

06:35 pm - Byrd Knife up at NewGraham
Check out the Byrd Knives Meadowlark over at NewGraham.com.

It's a Delica-sized, stainless-handled pocket knife in 440C (damned good steel) with a large finger choil and a reversable clip. For $17.50. Not bad. And, unlike most economy knives, it's available in plainedge.

For those who don't know, the Byrd line is designed, commissioned, and imported by Spyderco to compete with the cheap Chinese knockoffs everybody sells here. The first Byrd (The "Harrier", I think) came out months ago, but it didn't quite work out. This is the first time I've seen either of the new knives for sale online (the other, the Cara Cara, is the same knife, just Endura-sized).

These'd make exceptional gift knives to non-knife people. Not quite a real Spyderco, but head and shoulders above the crap.

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October 14th, 2004

08:49 pm
The official Spyderco discontinued list for 2005:

C13BK Progrip FRN - I couldn't care less. Ugly knife, only available half-serrated, and had a molded plastic pocket clip. It's one of Spyderco's oldies, but its time had come.

C64 Meerkat - It's a shame this model didn't make it. I just hope the new Navigator picks up the slack. This pattern is too awesome to die.

C68 Gunting

C68 Gunting Trainer - Meh. The Gunting series was cool, and I'm glad it existed. But at a _minimum_ of $200 (and prolly more like $350) to buy into the "system", it just wasn't worth it.

C69 Lil Temperance - This one's actually being discontinued to make room for the updated version.

C71Ti Salsa

C71 Salsa (aluminum handles) - Another that's being revised. Hopefully they'll address my complaints about the design. It's an awesome knife otherwise.

C72 Pride - Another good idea, but it just didn't fly.

C73 Impala w/o guthook (the one with guthook is still in production.)

FB04 Perrin - This is a real shame. It's one of the highest-quality, most ergonomic mid-sized fixed blades knives in it's price point. Hell, it can compete well above its price point. A gimmic-free knife. Gotta pick one up while they're still around.

FB08 Spot - It tried like a trooper, but the market just wasn't there.

FB09 Ronin - I'm surprised to see this one go so soon.

FB10 Maddox - I'm not surprised to see this one go so soon. It's a super-niche market (a fixed-blade designed for one-armed users). I didn't expect it to last more than a year.


Some sad losses, but they're making way for some awesome stuff. The Sailor's Knife is still on the way! :)

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September 30th, 2004

02:34 pm
I noticed that one of the past posts was dedicated to a fixed blade with "Iraqi Freedom" markings...

That's tha Ka-Bar style US Marine Corps fighting/utility knife. It's a classic. See the standard version here. They're usually only available black-coated to prevent rust (the blade's carbon steel, to maximize performance and minimize cost), but they're sometimes available with "natural" leather handles and uncoated blades.

See the smaller "pilot survival knife" variant here. Note the sawteeth on the spine. They're for cutting through the aluminum skin of a downed aircraft to escape the vehicle or use the material for shelter. They're good for nothing else. The blade's too thick for cutting wood effectively. These teeth are the inspiration for the sawteeth you see on the spines of every "Rambo style" survival knife in the world. Those aren't even good for cutting aluminum.

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September 29th, 2004

01:32 am - New Spyderco models unveiled
So Spyderco just launched its new website today, which includes a downloadable catalog in PDF form. This online catalog features images of a few previously-unseen upcoming knives. Some people have had trouble viewing the catalog (it crashes their programs), so here are links to some image captures:

The Kopa - next in Spyderco's "modern traditionals" line, along with the smaller Kiwi, the larger Persian, and the upcoming redesigned Navigator. Unlike the Kiwi, this one has a pocket clip.
The Manix - A knife built like the Chinook, but with a blade and handle better suited to utility than to self-defense.
The Pacific and Atlantic Salts - knives built for corrosive environments, like ships on the ocean. The H1 blade steel is highly resistant to rust. The standard Salt (not shown) is modeled on the Delica, the Pacific Salt on the Endura, and the Atlantic Salt on the Rescue.
The SzaboFly - Very bizarre bali. I kinda like it, though. The blade goes all "fantay knife" up at the top, but I've been waiting for somebody to make a good assymetric factory balisong. And it looks like the handle's very well designed for both a standard "hammer" grip, and a Filipino grip. It seems to be built as a fighter, but I could definitely see it being a comfortable utility knife. Now if _this_ release goes well, we'll see the smaller version of the Spyderfly next.

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July 1st, 2004

05:31 pm - Tacky.

KA-9128 "USMC Operation Iraqi Freedom Commemorative"
A beautifully decorated version of Ka Bar's traditional USMC Fighting / Utility knife. This knife was made to honor those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Features a specially designed logo. Blade with gold color commemorative etch. Leather wrapped handle with black coated guard and butt. 7 inch blade. Overall length, 12 inch. Includes a brown cowhide leather sheath. Sheath and Blade Tang are stamped "U.S.M.C."
Our Price: $56.95


Like it 'cept the text.

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